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Crystal Dreaming Supervised Practice Group

The Supervised Crystal Dreaming Practice Group is for those certified Crystal Dreaming practitioners who would like a safe and supervised place to deepen their practice. Any level of skill is welcomed and celebrated.

A Crystal Dreaming healing clinic offering supervised sessions to the public may be provided depending on the skill level and confidence of the group.

A typical advanced practice day is arranged as follows:
•    Welcome and check-in
•    Healing Meditation
•    Questions and Answers
•    Supervised Crystal Dreaming practice sessions
•    Debriefing and feedback
•    Closing Meditation
•    Check-out and final comments





Upcoming Dates (Remote)

Fall 2024 Dates Coming Soon!


"It has been an honor and a privilege to be part of this group.  I have learned so much as a result of delving into the crystal dreaming process through both receiving and giving sessions in a safe and supportive environment. But the most valuable part has been the growth of my own inner journey and my connection with those in my group.  They are all my soul sisters now and sharing and witnessing their growth as people and practitioners has been extremely heartwarming."
"The advanced practitioner gatherings have been one of the most supportive and growth-oriented experiences of my life.  The connections I formed with others in the group has elevated all of us as practitioners.  Thank you Jude, for providing an accepting space where we can speak openly and authentically about our triumphs, joys, discoveries, and growing edges as healers. Because of my participation in this group I have been able to confidently perform sessions and tap into my own powerful wisdom in ways I would not have been able to do otherwise.  Thank you, all of you."
"Being part of the advanced practitioner group has allowed me to connect with people who want to grow in the same way that I do. It has been an invaluable and enjoyable way to experience our world from a new perspective.  As a journeying soul, giving and receiving a session every month in a supportive environment has been uplifting for my spirit and has allowed more openness in my heart, and has brought me to a new experience of myself."
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