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What is Crystal Dreaming?


Crystal Dreaming is a drug-free and no-touch process that allows clients to access their own higher guidance through an altered or expanded state of consciousness.  From this state, life-changing positive and immediate results are possible on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level.


Using a precise alignment of stones arranged in a powerful crystal grid, you are gently led into an altered state, resulting in a profound shift in consciousness.  This advanced technique allows you to explore various aspects of reality, gaining clarity of purpose while giving you the opportunity to integrate with your Higher Self and to consciously step into your power and align with your life's plan. 


During a session any energies interfering with your full self-expression become known, and long-suppressed traumas, connections, blockages, and beliefs are released using a variety of techniques, oftentimes including past life regression.  From this expanded state you will experience the root causes, as well as solutions, to current life challenges, frustrations, and patterns of behavior.  The result is a clearing of negative energies and patterns of experience that are affecting your current sense of well-being, allowing you to live more easily from that empowered place.

Key Points to Understanding

the Crystal Dreaming™ Experience

  • You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

  • You are part of a massive group consciousness.

  • Your natural state is Joy, Bliss, and Love.

  • You exist in a never-ending now.

  • There is a limitless nature to existence.

  • Awareness continues after physical death.

  • There is an infinite source of consciousness and intelligence.

  • Most of us have become separated from an awareness of oneness with that source.

  • We are affected by what we choose to allow.

  • We evolve through reincarnation until achieving enlightenment or mastery.

  • Crystal Dreaming provides an experience of all of the above.

  • Experience = Knowledge = Power.

Services and Programs


Curious to find out more about Crystal Dreaming? We offer the following opportunities throughout the US and Canada:


Private Crystal Dreaming Sessions (2 Hours)

Sessions are offered by master healer and licensed teacher Rev. Jude Smith both remotely and at her Rhinebeck, New York office, as well as locations throughout the US and Canada.

Crystal Awareness (1 Day Course)

This course is designed to cultivate your personal relationship with crystals in intuitive and practical ways.

Crystal Dreaming Practitioner Certification Course

(3 Consecutive Days)

This is a professional level certification course that will fully prepare you to facilitate sessions for others upon completion. Suitable for those who are experienced in alternative healing techniques, as well as those exploring healing for the first time.

Crystal Dreaming Advanced Technique Certification Course (1 Day Course)

The Crystal Dreaming Advanced Technique Certification Course will allow highly experienced Crystal Dreaming Practitioners to dive more deeply into the mystery, and to take a more active healing role with their clients.

Crystal Dreaming EXPRESS® Technique

Certification Course (1 Day Course)

The EXPRESS Crystal Dreaming® Technique allows experienced Crystal Dreaming® Practitioners to quickly guide their clients into an expanded state of consciousness, bypassing any potential blocks to enlightenment and access to Unity Consciousness.  Practitioners must have a minimum of one year's experience, be able to work without notes, and have a demonstrated ability to facilitate traditional Crystal Dreaming sessions dealing with complex issues.  

For Additional Information Please Contact Us At:
Center for Authentic Living​

Rhinebeck, New York 


St. Simons Island, Georgia



Events & Announcements

August 9 - 11, 2024


Teacher - Jessica Alejandro

Middlefield, CT

November 1 - 3, 2024


Teacher - Jude Smith

Rhinebeck, NY

November 1 - 5,  2024


Rhinebeck, NY

November 16, 2024 


Rhinebeck, NY

November 17, 2024 


Rhinebeck, NY


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