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Crystal Dreaming Advanced Technique Certification Course

The Crystal Dreaming Advanced Technique will allow experienced Crystal Dreaming Practitioners to dive more deeply into the mystery. Highly experienced practitioners will be taught how to safely enter into an altered state for the purpose of removing blockages for those clients who are unable to participate in a traditional session due to a variety of reasons including being remote to the practitioner, being at the end of life, or for those clients unable to surrender into the traditional technique. 

This one day course will open the doorway of your own perceptions and abilities.  Students will be taught how to access a holographic embodiment of the Crystal Dreaming mandala, allowing them to safely use the power of the mandala to enter into an altered state without supervision.  This technique has the power to deepen any other healing work that you may do.

License teacher Jude Smith is one of only two teachers worldwide, and the only teacher in the United States and Canada, authorized by Crystal Dreaming creator Raym Richards to teach and certify practitioners in this advanced technique. 

The course will include the following topics:

•    Accessing altered states of consciousness without a facilitator.

•    Remote Healing
•    Journeying with your client
•    End of Life Transitioning
•    House Clearing
•    Remote Viewing
•    Absentee Healing
•    Accessing the Akashic Records
•    Channeling and Mediumship 


•    You must be completely familiar with the Crystal Dreaming process, with the ability to confidently guide a client through the process without using notes.

•    You should have at least 1 year of active experience and/or have facilitated approximately 30 Crystal Dreaming sessions.
•    You should have facilitated a diverse variety of client sessions, including some challenging and unexpected sessions that you successfully navigated without notes, using intuition and the guidance of your team.

•    You must be able to enter into an altered state of consciousness easily, confidently, and without resistance or assistance. 



$300 / $150 Resit Fee

Payment of tuition is required to reserve your spot. Class size is very limited due to the intense nature of this course and the degree of supervision required.

Contact Jude to inquire about availability and to receive payment instructions. A discount is offered if taken in conjunction with the EXPRESS Technique training over the same weekend. 

Next Course:**

Sunday, March 17, 2024 

9:30 - 6:00 PM

Remote via Zoom

Saturday, November 16, 2024

9:30 - 6:00 PM

Rhinebeck, NY

**Jude is available to teach throughout the US and Canada.

Please contact Jude to discuss possibilities.

"Jude is able to clearly communicate esoteric ideas, grounding them in the physical world for students to examine and understand. She skillfully creates community in a way that feels supportive and safe, allowing students to easily move forward on their journeys as healing practitioners."
"Crystal Dreaming is a powerful catalyst for healing.  Whether you are an experienced healer, or exploring the healing arts for the first time, the practitioner training is a beautiful opportunity to look within, and to take the next steps towards the ever-expanding growth of your spirit through the activation of your gifts. The course provides an excellent opportunity to expand or begin your work, benefitting you, your clients, and friends."
"The Crystal Dreaming Practitioner course presents an easy, logical, and clear approach to the etheric world. Although we used the dreaded term “woo woo,” the course was anything but.  The direct experience of these realms has made me a much more authentic guide for others."
"The course is a calling.  If one is drawn to crystals, or has journeyed to super-conscious realms in other ways, Crystal Dreaming is a tried and true pathway to gather the insight, healing, and soul-clarity uniquely available in this dimension."
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