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What to Expect During a Crystal Dreaming Session

Crystal Dreaming is a drug-free and no-touch process that allows you to access your own Higher Guidance through an altered or expanded state of consciousness.  Through that process:

  • Energy not in alignment with unconditional love becomes apparent.

  • Challenges are resolved on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level.

  • Your life's purpose becomes clarified.

We will spend about 2 hours together. The first part will be about connecting with one another, and exploring the work so that you will completely understand what the practitioner is doing, why they are doing it, and most importantly, how you can partner with the practitioner in this work.  Because it is very much about partnership, as you and the practitioner take a journey together, exploring those energies that no longer serve you and are ready to be released, to then explore your deeper Life truths.


A couple of things to know:

  • The work itself will take about 90 minutes, although it could take a bit longer than that.

  • Please don’t wear any perfume or essentials oils, as the scent tends to linger and other clients may be sensitive to such things.

  • You'll be entering into a meditative state, and will be lying down on a comfy mat on the floor, so that you will be free to totally surrender and relax.

  • You are in complete control.  Your practitioner only sees what you are willing to show them, and are ready to release.

  • Although you may be visiting past energies that may have been uncomfortable when they were first experienced, this work tends to be filled with joy.  You will be identifying suppressed energies from a place of power, love, and curiosity, and the experience tends to be liberating, rather than painful.  

  • You'll probably be feeling grounded but reflective after your session, and arranging some time to process and integrate before jumping back into your life would be useful.

  • This work is about reconnecting with the best parts of who you are - the parts that have never been damaged, and the parts that have survived anything unpleasant that may have occurred in the past. The result? Living from a deeper experience of yourself.

  • You may have an opportunity to receive answers to Life's most profound questions.  Therefore, it is suggested that you come to your session with a written list of questions to which you'd like answers. Please write or print them out in a way that your practitioner can read and easily understand, as your practitioner may be using them during the experience.


About Licensed Master Teacher and Trainer Jude Smith

JUDE SMITH is an Interfaith Minister, spiritual teacher, spiritual counselor, energy healer and Master Crystal Dreaming practitioner, teacher, and licensed teacher of Crystal Dreaming teachers, as well as Raym Richard's representative in the United States and Canada. A teacher at heart, she sees the commonality of the world's spiritual and wisdom traditions, and her passion is to lead others to their fullest experience of self-expression, as she supports them in discovering their own spiritual paths, languages, and understandings.


Jude is the Executive Director of the CENTER FOR AUTHENTIC LIVING, an organization committed to reminding people who they are, and to providing the tools to live from that higher place, regularly facilitating private and group programs geared towards spiritual awakening.  Jude is also an active ceremonies officiant, crafting customized ceremonies that capture life's transitions in ways that are sacred, elegant, meaningful and transformative.


Jude holds degrees in Psychology and Business Administration from SUNY Albany, a Masters Degree  in Education from Pace University, and received her ministerial training at the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City. Jude is a certified Crystal Dreaming shaman, practitioner, teacher, and designated Master Healer, personally trained and initiated by founder Raym Richards in advanced healing techniques, shamanic journeying, and past life regression.  Jude regularly travels throughout the United States and Canada teaching Crystal Dreaming as well as advanced applications of this work, training teachers of this work, and offering private sessions. Jude is also an Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) Therapist, a sophisticated Reiki-like modality, bringing over 400 hours of supervised clinical experience to her practice.


Jude is motivated by her yearning to know more and a thirst for living life fully, followed by a desire to then share what she has learned - in ways that are experienced, not just understood. Jude is deeply moved by the strength and beauty of her students, and her desire is for others to see themselves through her eyes.



Rev. Jude Smith, Licensed Crystal Dreaming Teacher and Certified Practitioner


About Licensed Teacher Jessica Alejandro



JESSICA ALEJANDRO is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, Shamanic Reiki master Teacher, Sound Healer and Crystal Dreaming Practitioner. 


Jessica has over 20 years of experience working in the social services field.  She has a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Temple University in Philadelphia and a Masters in Marriage and Family therapy from Central Connecticut State University.  She has worked as a trained and experienced forensic interviewer, crisis clinician and couple and family therapist.  She started her career as a Social Worker at the Department of Children and Families and then moved on to work at the Greater Hartford Children’s Advocacy Center at St. Francis Hospital and the Wellmore Behavioral Health Emergency Mobile Psychiatric Services as a crisis clinician. Her last traditional 9-5 job was in the corporate world at Beacon Health Options monitoring and approving mental health services for the Medicaid population in CT. Jessica started working in private practice, part-time, 10 years ago at Center for Relationship Healing in Norwich and Dr. Tracey and Associates in Glastonbury. In 2016 she started her own independent private practice in Middlefield and Glastonbury, CT.    


Jessica specializes in working with couples in crisis/divorce, pre-marital couples, issues with co-parenting, and individuals experiencing grief and loss, trauma, depression, anxiety and life transitions. 


Always a spiritual and intuitive person, Jessica fully stepped out of the spiritual closet about 6 years ago. Ever since then her life’s work and purpose became crystal clear. She always knew she wanted to help people, that’s why she became a therapist. She did not realize that she would also become a way-shower and conduit for others to connect to their higher selves, discover their inner light, truly love themselves and share love with the world. Helping others see the true answer to healing, LOVE, is her mission and passion.

Jessica Alejandro- CD Website.jpg



About Licensed Teacher Lauri Ingram



LAURI INGRAM is a seeker of truth, motivated by her curiosity and desire to lead others on their own journeys of self-discovery. She understands that we all long to lead a fulfilled life, and that it is in the journey that we find fulfillment as we discover our personal truths. As a trained mindfulness advocate in the workplace, Lauri discovered the vast benefits mindfulness has on easing anxiety by changing our relationship to emotions and thoughts. This discovery led her to become trained in other avenues of alternative and complementary healing, so that she could move beyond her corporate IT experience, to offer more sophisticated healing to others looking to explore who they are in a more spiritual sense. 

Lauri has over 40 years of experience in the corporate world managing and supporting the growth of others. She has a Bachelors in Business and Economics, an MBA in Computer science and is a certified Mindful Leader.  Lauri has used her training to achieve senior leadership roles at a Fortune 4 Corporation, as well as acting as a Mindfulness Advocate in the corporate world before feeling called to devote herself full time to guiding others to living authentically, and discovering their true divine nature.


Lauri is an Advanced Crystal Dreaming Practitioner and Trainer, co-founder of Etheric Elements offering Crystal, Light and Color Energy Balancing products, USUI Levels I and II Reiki practitioner, Color therapist and a Cosmic Smashbook Guide.  Her private practice in Bethany, Connecticut, the Liminal Studio, offers 1:1 services as well as small group workshops.


Lauri was ordained as an Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister in June 2019 from One Spirit Seminary, and also completed certification as an Interspiritual Counselor in June 2021. Lauri is a contributor to Natural Nutmeg Magazine, and was named Top 10 Holistic Counselors in the State of Connecticut. A frequent guest on podcasts, summits, presentations and through her YouTube channel, Lauri applies her own experiences of healing and growth to reach others seeking answers to what lies within. Lauri believes we are all meant to discover our gifts and live fully  into our lives and she uses all of her training to support others in reaching that goal.

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