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Private Crystal Dreaming Sessions with Jude Smith

From Jude Smith, Licensed Teacher, Mentor, and Certified Master Healer:

We will spend about 2 hours together. The first part will be about connecting with one another, and exploring the work so that you will completely understand what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and most importantly, how you can partner with me in this work.  Because it is very much about partnership, as we take a journey together, exploring those energies that no longer serve you and are ready to be released, to then explore your deeper Life truths.
A couple of things to know:
•    The work itself will take about 90 minutes, although I don't stop until we're at a stopping place, and so it could take a bit longer than that.
•    Please don’t wear any perfume or essentials oils, as the scent tends to  linger and some of my clients are sensitive to such things.
•    We'll be entering into a meditative state together, and I will be having you lie down on a comfy mat on the floor, so that you will be free to totally surrender and relax.
•    You are in complete control.  I only see what you are willing to show me, and are ready to release.
•    Although we will be visiting past energies that may have been uncomfortable when they were first experienced, this work tends to be filled with joy.  We will be identifying suppressed energies from a place of power, love, and curiosity, and the experience is liberating, rather than painful.  
•    You'll probably be feeling grounded but reflective when we're done, and arranging some time in your schedule to process and integrate before jumping back into your life would be useful.
•    This work is about reconnecting with the best parts of who you are - the parts that have never been damaged, and the parts that have survived anything unpleasant that may have occurred in the past. The result? Living from a deeper experience of yourself.
•    You may have an opportunity to receive answers to Life's most profound questions.  Therefore, I would suggest coming to your session with a written list of questions to which you'd like answers.  Please write or print them out in a way that I can read and easily understand, as I will be using them during the experience.


I am completely in awe of the power of this work, and I am always eager to share it with another.  I look forward to sharing it with you!





$225 (New York) / $295 (Elsewhere)

2 Hour Session

**Jude is available to offer private Crystal Dreaming sessions throughout the US and Canada. Please contact Jude to discuss possibilities.

Rev. Jude  Smith
"Jude offers my vision of a perfect healing; opening up through trusting and non-judgmental discussion, then entering into a state of pure relaxation that allows you to go deep and release hidden blockages, to then be welcomed back by loving conversation to a less challenging world than the one you left."
"Jude puts her whole being into her healing work and this shows itself in the way she connects with her client, and in the unrushed pace of her sessions. Jude is very insightful and connected to her spiritual self. My sessions with Jude have been eye opening and affirming,
and have been a blessing to my spiritual life, my family life,
and my personal life."
"My time spent with Jude has been incredibly rich. With her gentle loving guidance I have met people and gone places that I had no idea existed, and have had my own Radiant Essence reflected back to me in a way that I can no longer deny. I never know what each session will hold for me but I always know it will be powerful beyond my imagination, full of wisdom, lots of laughter, sometimes tears, and always love. My time with Jude has been one of the greatest gifts I have given myself."
"Jude has the ability to see me more clearly than I can see myself, and I’ve finally begun to discover what I am truly capable of. I am so grateful for her support, her encouraging words, and her gentle guidance. She is a loving, compassionate, and very beautiful soul who has taught me so much.  I am eternally grateful that she showed up in my life."
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