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Training in Crystal Dreaming

Crystal Dreaming is a powerful healing modality developed 30 years ago by Australian shaman Raym Richards.  Although well known throughout Australia, this modality has been newly introduced to the United States and Canada.  Rev. Jude Smith is Raym's licensed representative in both the United States and Canada, having been personally trained by Raym in Crystal Dreaming and other advanced shamanic techniques.  Jude teaches all levels of Raym's foundational and advanced courses, is the trainer of licensed practitioners in the United States and Canada, and offers ongoing support to practitioners and teachers upon certification.


Classes are intentionally kept small as courses are designed to immerse students in the process and require a great deal of supervision and hands-on practice.  Each course focuses on developing a student's connection with the energies that heal through heart-opening experiences.


Crystal Dreaming is suitable for both experienced healing arts practitioners, as well as for students exploring the healing arts for the first time.  It is a perfect complement to other healing modalities, making it a powerful addition for those with other healing skills.  At the same time, the technique is appropriate for those new to the healing arts, and it will become an excellent foundation from which to explore other areas of healing.


Jude Smith has been a full-time practitioner of sophisticated alternative energy healing techniques since 2006.  She is passionate about Crystal Dreaming because of the dramatic impact it's had on her many clients.  Jude is always deeply moved to support others along their paths of discovery, and she looks forward to supporting you!

"The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness"  Lao Tzu
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Crystal Awareness


Crystal Awareness is a hands-on course designed to develop your relationship with crystals.  Its purpose is to strengthen your intuitive awareness of crystals and the very real and personal impact they have on you and others, as you learn which crystals are best for you and your circumstances, and why.

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Crystal Dreaming Practitioner Certification Course


This is a professional level certification course designed to train you in the use of a precise alignment of crystals which will allow you to lead clients into an altered state to experience shifts in consciousness, resulting in the release of blockages and past life trauma. 


You will be trained in opening channels to the spirit world, in order to facilitate inter-dimensional travel, where life-changing positive and immediate results are possible.


These advanced shamanic techniques will train you to assist your client in exploring various aspects of reality, including past life regression, allowing your client to gain clarity of purpose while giving them the opportunity to integrate with their Higher Self while consciously aligning with their life plan. 

Students will be certified by Crystal Dreaming creator Raym Richards after successfully completing the course, and will be prepared to begin practice upon completion.

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Crystal Dreaming Advanced Technique Certification Course


The Crystal Dreaming Advanced Technique Certification Course will allow highly experienced Crystal Dreaming Practitioners to dive more deeply into the mystery, and to take a more active healing role with their clients. This advanced technique allows the practitioner to safely enter into an altered state for the purpose of removing client blockages for those clients who are unable to participate in a traditional Crystal Dreaming session due to a variety of reasons including being remote to the practitioner, being at the end of life, or for those clients unable to surrender into the traditional technique.


A minimum of 1 year of active practice and/or a minimum of 30 facilitated Crystal Dreaming sessions is a prerequisite.

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Supervised Practice


The Supervised Practice Group is for those certified Crystal Dreaming practitioners who would like a safe and supervised place to deepen their practice. Any level of skill is welcomed and celebrated.  


The Advanced Practice group is an opportunity to surrender into vulnerability, to gain the confidence to go deeper.  It is a group where certified Crystal Dreaming practitioners can blossom into true healers, as the safety of a like-minded group guided by an accomplished teacher is invaluable to one's personal journey of professional growth.

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Private Sessions


Jude Smith is a licensed Master Crystal Dreaming teacher and certified practitioner, and is a teacher of teachers of Crystal Dreaming. She offers both live and remote private Crystal Dreaming sessions in her Rhinebeck, New York office, as well as in locations throughout the US and Canada by special arrangement.


Please contact Jude directly to schedule an appointment in Rhinebeck, or to inquire as to how to bring Crystal Dreaming to a location near you.

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US and Canada Availability


Jude loves to travel to share and teach Crystal Dreaming, and is willing to schedule an event for a small group. She invites you to contact her to discuss possibilities.

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