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Crystal Awareness

Crystal Awareness is a one day course designed to cultivate your personal relationship with crystals in intuitive and practical ways. This hands-on course will develop your natural awareness of crystals and the impact they have on you and others, introducing techniques to use crystals for healing, wellness, and growth.



The course will include the following topics:
•    Understanding crystals and how they affect our energy
•    Working with crystals for personal growth, healing, and balance
•    Using crystals to expand your consciousness and that of others
•    Selecting, cleansing, and programming crystals
•    Creating a personal crystal toolkit
•    Sacred geometry and the power of unique crystal configurations
•    Working with pendulums
•    Balancing the chakras using crystals


$125 (Rhinebeck, NY) / $150 (Elsewhere)

Full Tuition is required to reserve your spot,

subject to availability,

and may be paid online via credit card.

Contact Jude to inquire about availability

and to receive payment instructions

Upcoming Dates and Locations**

Friday, September 13, 2024

Rhinebeck, NY

**Jude is available to teach throughout the US and Canada.

Please contact Jude to discuss possibilities.

"Jude Smith is one of the most kind-hearted, loving teachers I have ever worked with. Her open heart allows her students to be held in a sacred place of trust for self, classmates, and teacher."
"Jude's in-depth understanding, knowledge, and experience with this work, along with  her guidance, brought me to a new level of appreciation for the power of crystals."
"Jude holds a tight container for students to safely learn and explore. She masterfully models many of the skills we are asked to develop in  ourselves. This course is very well organized, and is designed to rapidly bring participants to a level of competence and confidence."
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